Skateimpact presents Piece of Wood by Yassin Koptan

Skateimpact proudly presents the official trailer for Piece of Wood, a short film directed and edited by our team rider Yassin Koptan.

Piece of Wood is a story about a skateboarder who gets his skateboard taken away by mall security, he and his best friend/filmer seek out to get it back, one way or another.  It was shot all the way in Alexandria, Egypt and discusses a story about dreams and what it takes to fight for whats rightfully ours.  The short movie has been successfully accepted in multiple film festivals and is awaiting release.

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Yassin, who grew up skateboarding since 2006 and never stopped since, has gained his love of film making from skateboarding.  Now, finishing his Film making studies in New York Film Academy in Hollywood, wants to give back to Egypt’s skateboarding scene.


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      This is a short movie by Yassin Koptan. It has been into many festivals and won several titles, and was briefly available to stream online during the short movie section screening of Cannes Film Festival. As of this moment, this movie has not been released to the public.

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